10 steps to Improve Your Company’s Sales

 Sometimes companies need to refresh the vision that customers have about their products, or better position their brand to continue satisfying clients and attracting new customers. Here you can learn about some techniques you will be able to use to guide consumer buying decisions towards your product, and get consumers to identify with your brand.

  1. Small changes – Your business sales can be increased drastically with small changes in the packaging of products, presentation of the commercial premises, and organisation of space, etc. In other words, the purpose of merchandising should be to make the product look more attractive to customers.
  1. Investment in advertising – Waiting for your business to grow on its own is a fatal mistake. You need to have a strategy to make your business visible and attractive to buyers. To achieve this, consider hiring merchandising experts, such as www.fyldepm.co.uk, to help promote your business, and grow your sales.
  1. Business identity – Give your business an identity. Take your time to design a unique and striking corporate image. Design your logo, slogan, mission, vision, and any other elements that will set your business apart from the competition. Change the colour combination used in your product, the packaging, advertising, and brand identity. This will help you gain better recognition of your refreshed, new brand image.
  1. Client database – Develop an organised database of clients. Enter email, phone, and address data and any additional information that may be useful for keeping in touch with clients, and develop loyalty strategies. Being close to your customers and making them feel important will always make them remember your company and your products.
  1. Establish goals – It’s important to have clear, and realistic sales goals. Each time you accomplish your goals, propose bigger and bigger goals. And don’t forget to celebrate these accomplishments with your employees – they’ll become even more motivated.
  1. Sales reports – Stay informed about your company’s sales and related expenses. Compile a regular sales report that will help you know everything regarding the key activities of your company. You can use Excel spreadsheets or other business management software for this. Without hard data, it will be difficult to know if you are growing or not, and what strategies work and which don’t.
  1. Meet your customers. Make them feel important, focus on knowing who they are, what motivates them to interact with your business, where they live, what they like, etc. Any such data can be very valuable for developing better sales strategies.
  1. Surprise your customers – Offer them positive experiences when buying and consuming your products. Remember that experiential marketing is key to standing out from your competition and gaining greater market share. Reward your loyal customers. Show them that they are important to you. Call them on their birthday, give them a gift, a discount, or special offers; make them feel they are special.
  1. Complaints and suggestions – Pay attention to the feedback (positive or negative) from each of your clients or customers and give them a quick response to any request. This will make them feel they are being listened to, and is also an excellent way to improve the service provided by your company. An unsatisfied customer enjoys sharing their negative experience with all their friends and contacts in social networks – so keep them happy!
  1. Constant innovation – Show that your business wants to improve every day. Launch new products, update old ones, and change product packaging design periodically. Always strive for improvement.