December 2013

How to Manage an Off-site Workforce

Globalization has impacted the workplace in various ways with one of its prominent benefits being the potential for reduced costs and competitive advantages associated with hiring remote workers. Whether your employees are half way around the world, or simply working from home, the attractive concept of off-site work has various benefits for all involved parties. On an individual level, employees benefit from increased flexibility and a healthier work-life balance, while on a corporate level, your Read more [...]

The power of the online community and the impact on your reputation

Online communities drive the web, they are the spark which helped create the internet and the engine which continues to power it. Facebook, Twitter, blogs and email newsletters can provide a good solid foundation for a thriving online community. They give you the opportunity to gain meaningful feedback and receive ideas to help you improve and grow your business. Just the fact that you ask for a response or reply to a question posed by one of your customers online, will have a massive impact Read more [...]