July 2014

Starting Your Own Writing Company? Here’s Everything You Need To Know

Image credit   With so many people in the UK starting their own businesses of late, you might well feel a little bit left behind, but don’t worry too much, there are still some amazing opportunities out there for hard working individuals just like yourselves - it’s just a matter of identifying them. You could spend all day reading through articles online about the most popular new ideas for startup firms, but in truth, these posts are hardly likely to contain anything useful, as people Read more [...]

CRM For Small Business: Notions and Characteristics

The CRM for Small Business is a complex and complete solution, perfectly adapted for small companies. This way, those companies can manage the fluxes with ease. Practically, such program would make so many tasks that required a large number of employees before. Here are the main characteristics of a smart CRM - manages the contracts efficiently, classifying a managing those considering the nature of the entity: client, provider, partner or any other category, considering the specific of the Read more [...]