April 2015

Be warehouse savvy – and see profits soar

Few businesses consider the effect that a poorly laid out warehouse can have on their profits. Most are satisfied with premises that look about as cheerful as a clown crematorium. But the savvy company executive knows that everyone needs a boost in their workforce. Whether it’s executives in their ivory towers or low-wage workers in their finely tuned warehouse, keeping everyone satisfied will help boost morale and, in turn, reduce staff turnover. With that in mind, we’ve racked our noodles Read more [...]

Three Necessary Things to Make Sure Your Portable Storage Container Is Packed Properly

If you have hired or purchased a portable storage container, you have to pack it properly. This is essential in terms of making sure your belongings are protected and in terms of unpacking your container with ease afterwards. Let’s take a look at some of the things you need to know about. 1 - Your Base First of all, you need to get the base right. Your base should be made up of things that make a really good and sturdy foundation. It has to be really strong and should extend right the way Read more [...]