May 2015

Combat Threats To Your Business

Keeping your business safe isn’t easy. You want to protect your investment. More than that, you want to see if grow. There are some threats to your business that you may not have even known about before they tear you down. Combating the threat is only half the battle. The true victory is in anticipating it, and finding a solution before the worst hits.   Let’s walk through some of the common threats to your business interests.   Competitors   The chief worry Read more [...]

Divorce Attorneys For Changing Times

If you are a man who is undergoing the painful procedure of separation, with the prospect of an imminent divorce looming over your head, you ought to know that you have the right to first class legal representation during your time of transition. While there is always a sadness in anyone's life when they are contemplating the prospect of a marriage breaking up, there is also the ever present fear that a divorce may leave them in a precarious financial position, or even deprived of the ability to Read more [...]

4 Interesting Ways to Increase Your Brand Awareness

Every business wants to be seen and known by as many people as possible. It’s one of the fundamental cornerstones of a successful business. And here are 4 ways you can improve your brand awareness.   Create a Unique Web Presence   Social media is a vital part of any business nowadays. It’s vital you use sites like Twitter and Facebook to create a following and make more people aware of your business’s existence. Don’t make the mistake of using social media to advertise Read more [...]

3 super tips to an accident free workplace

Does your workplace have spitting valves, sputtering contraptions, trailing wires and about as much natural light as an orc’s cave? Then, long story short, you’ve got some improvements to make. Indeed, health and safety legislation dictates that every workplace needs to be up to scratch. And if it isn’t, you can expect your business doors to close pretty soon. There are plenty of bosses who’ll try to shirk such legislation. Like old Victorian workhouse owners, they’ll let their staff Read more [...]