June 2015

Good Innovation Management Is Key to the Success of a Small Business

No matter what size your business is, you must focus on innovation. Yet, too many still think that innovation is just about applying research and development or new technologies. In fact, however, it is about far more than that. It is about thinking outside of the box, being more cost efficient and really staying ahead of the competition. A Definition of Innovation Innovation for business was first defined in 1985 by Drucker. It was stated then that it was a method for entrepreneurs to find Read more [...]

Should You Use Kickstarter for Your Business?

A lot of entrepreneurs feel that the answer to their financial prayers lies with Kickstarter. Unfortunately, while you may have seen a lot of people succeed on a crowdfunding site, the odds aren’t necessarily in your favor. Those success stories are the exception, not the rule. With so much competition out there, how do you know if Kickstarter is the right option for you? The Truth About Kickstarter On average, a Kickstarter project will raise approximately $7,800. Projects that are striving Read more [...]