August 2015

How to Find Premises for Your Fledgling Firm

There’s little more exciting than starting your own business. You’ve discarded the corporate shackles, told your boss to stick his job where the sun doesn’t shine, and finally managed to get your own idea off the ground – but beyond the initial exhilaration, there’s a cruel world waiting for the wet behind the ears business owner. Whilst a record 581,173 businesses registered at Companies House in 2014, more than half of new firms don’t survive beyond five years, with the UK tax system, Read more [...]

The Benefits of Renting Equipment from Audio Visual Companies

If you run a business, you will know how important it is to have excellent audio visual equipment during presentations and conferences. At the same time, however, you don’t need this type of equipment on a daily basis. When you do have something as large as a product launch or as small as a senior managers’ meeting however, you will need high quality and up to date equipment to create a good impression and to properly get your message across. Yet, because of the reasonably temporary nature of Read more [...]

Vistaprint: An Entrepreneur’s Best Friend

As an entrepreneur, marketing yourself to potential clients is of the utmost importance. Everyone you interact with has the opportunity to become a customer to your brand, but there are steps that you can take to entice a greater following. Marketing materials such as business cards are phenomenal ways of sharing information about your business, but deciding where to print them can be a little challenging. Vistaprint is the perfect starting point if you are looking to for new opportunities to Read more [...]

Top 4 Insurance Tips for Homeowners

Insurance needs you to think about unpleasant occurrences such as car accidents, medical problems, and emergency home repairs. Although it seems pessimistic to ponder about such possibilities, it is vital to protecting yourself and your family against some of the unpredictable surprises of life. Here are several homeowners’ insurance tips to help you be prepared for any eventualities. 1. Understand how the claims process works Two policies may offer to give you a similar amount of coverage, Read more [...]