February 2016

Understanding Fleet Fuel Cards

Having fleet fuel cards is the newest way you can easily manage your fleet. Gone are the days when you need to manually account receipts and compute the amount you need to reimburse to your employees. With this system, you gain control of your fleet’s expenses you never knew you could have. If you haven’t heard of fleet fuel cards yet, then chances are your company is losing money on the traditional fleet fuel system. Fleet fuel cards offer lots of perks and benefits for both you and your employees. Read more [...]

The Top Emerging Mega Trends In The Middle Eastern Business World

The Middle Eastern region of the world is currently experiencing an unprecedented explosion of commercial activity, the likes of which have rarely been seen in recent years. Some of these trends are bound to affect not only the region, but ultimately the world, in the coming decades. It's an excellent idea to get acquainted with a few of these emerging mega trends so as to be fully prepared for the major effect some of them are going to have on international commerce and culture. An Explosion Of Read more [...]

How Your Business Can Benefit From Networking

Whether your business has plateaued and you’re looking for a great way to kick-fire sales again (other than redesigning your website, improving branding or researching rollup banner printing), or you’re relatively new to the industry and want to raise your profile, networking is the way to go. Attending the relevant events and meeting new people is also ideal for well-known companies looking to unveil new products or promote special offers, so let’s take a closer look at how your business can Read more [...]

Can You Get Compensation for Your Work Injury?

You never plan for getting hurt at work so when an accident with injury does happen you may be shocked and confused at first. Your company will have a safety policy that dictates the steps that must be followed in treating you when an accident happens in the workplace. Your co-workers and supervisors will help you get to an area where you can be treated and can also call for outside help if your company medical personnel aren’t equipped to handle the emergency. You should try to remain calm and Read more [...]

Should You Consider A Freelancer Or A Web Development Agency?

Nowadays, it is easy to find people that would be able to create something suitable for your online web presence. Development and design are not complicated and we have two options available at the moment: the freelance web developer and the professional Sydney web development company. Choosing between these two is not difficult but mistakes can be made due to a lack of knowledge and understanding about what is the best for clients. In order to help you make a correct choice, here are the advantages Read more [...]

How to Offer a Unique Customer Experience

Companies across the world are competing with each other on a daily basis to be the best in their industry. Not only does the internet allow people across the globe to access all sorts of information, but it has also resulted in the rise of millions of online businesses, which allows people to shop and spend on a much grander scale. It is therefore more vital than ever to stand out from the crowd. You have to offer something different if you want to compete; otherwise, you might just find you will Read more [...]

Why Mystery Shoppers Are More Accurate Than Customer Surveys

If you want to gather feedback about your business which is more effective – customer surveys or mystery shoppers? Many businesses use customer surveys to gain information about how their companies could improve, but there are several reasons why mystery shoppers can be the more effective option. They Are Honest There is a reason why some people will answer, “Yes, everything is fine” in a restaurant when asked whether they are enjoying their food – even if they aren’t 100% happy with Read more [...]