June 2016

5 Effective Growth Options for Small Businesses

Growth is the ultimate aim of most small businesses – most don’t want to stay small forever. Depending on your sector and your products, growth may be better handled fast or slow. In sectors that are fuelled by innovation, fast growth can be achieved through the timely launch of new products or innovative new services. In more traditional industries, business growth is often slower but less risky. Take a look at the basic strategies you have for small business growth – which one is best suited Read more [...]

Your Questions Answered About Gas Safety in Commercial Catering

When you run a catering business you need to make money, provide a good service, and ensure the health and safety of employees and the public when they are on your premises. One important aspect of commercial catering health and safety is gas safety. If you’re looking for answers about gas safety for your catering business, read on. Why is Gas Safety Important in Commercial Catering? Gas safety is highly important in a catering business. Making sure that your gas appliances are serviced, maintained Read more [...]