July 2016

Top Tips for Pay Per Click

If you are trying to get your website listed, it may feel like it takes forever. Luckily, you can use pay per click (PPC) advertising to make everything go a little bit quicker. With good PPC management services, you can have a campaign set up that doesn’t just get you more traffic, but that, in so doing, actually pays for itself! How to Set Up a Campaign The best thing to do is work with a PPC management company to set up your campaign. However, should that not be possible, perhaps because you Read more [...]

Portable Restrooms on Construction Sites

Construction jobs are long and complicated and never seem to be finished on time. During construction, admin work has to be completed, and there usually is a need for sales trailers, mobile toilets, storage trailers, and more. The portable restrooms element is particularly important. They cannot be placed just anywhere, as they will need a sewer hook, running water, and an electrical service in order to operate. It is also very important that the restrooms are in fact portable. As construction continues, Read more [...]

What Can You Achieve When You Ask Someone Else to Do it For You?

Have you ever considered crowdsourcing? It is an innovative new concept, but one that is quickly gaining momentum. However, just as with innovation as a whole, many businesses don’t quite understand it yet. They don’t know what they can achieve through crowdsourcing software. For years, we have been told that doing something properly means doing it yourself, and this goes some way towards explaining why many companies are reluctant to crowdsource. But in so doing, they miss out on a great deal Read more [...]

What to Expect from High Quality Business Software

Business often spend millions of dollars managing and perfecting their IT infrastructure, focusing on both hardware and software. However, unless they also have the best possible types of business software installed, none of this infrastructure is valuable in any way. Did you know that research firm Gartner, with support of Infor CEO, Charles Phillip, has shown that companies will spend a total of $114.4 billion on business application software in 2016? This is a 10.2% rise since 2010, and it is Read more [...]

Why Women Are the Business Leaders of the Future

More and more women are buying businesses and taking on positions of leadership. It seems that women, now more than ever, want to be their own boss. They want to not just have their own earnings, but they want to earn more. And they want to be able to pay for their own lifestyle, and make it better than ever before. Indeed, these desires are some of the most popular reasons why women become entrepreneurs and this is something Karen Phillips, wife of Charles Phillips, Infor CEO, fully supports. The Read more [...]

A Closer Look At The Current Business Approach By Charles Phillips

Charles Phillips is currently seen as a huge market innovator. His work has always been envied, especially because of the aggressiveness that is present on the market at the moment thanks to the work at Infor. Everything started with Charles Phillips previous role at Oracle. The acquisitions made then were huge. This is a strategy that continued at Infor and leads towards a constant growth that will most likely not stop in the near future. Infor is quite different than the other companies that Read more [...]

Sun Capital response to decrease in private equity transactions

Anyone who keeps tabs on financial news may have seen some interesting information published by Pitchbook over recent times. Pitchbook were keen to highlight how significant private equity firms have proven to be within retail businesses over the last few years. However, something they also strongly focused on was the fact that the trend seems to be slowing down - not as many private equity firms seem quite as keen in backing retail propositions. It's at this point where it's interesting to look Read more [...]

Climate change: How the country is tackling one of the world’s biggest problems

While there might be some huge problems facing the world right now, there's no doubt that the US government has targeted climate change as one of the biggest. We don't need to write about the perils of this topic - books, dissertations and everything else has been penned which highlights just how much damage climate change could cause to the environment for years to come. Fortunately, the authorities are working endlessly. While some news headlines may portray the issue negatively, if one scrutinizes Read more [...]

Why Can Corporate Mergers Fail?

Every single business acquisition will be different and will have various challenges that have to be met. However, in all cases we have the same principle that appears. There are two companies that have different ownerships that unite and then operate under one roof. We have companies that help manage acquisitions like Generational Equity. They are normally involved in the process because of all the things that have to be managed. However, if you want to handle it alone, here are some tips that you Read more [...]


“If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his language, that goes to his heart.” – Nelson Mandela. This quote embodies the importance of language both in our personal and professional lives. In an organization, effective communication skills are extremely valuable. Both verbal and non-verbal communication strategies are continuously honed to achieve solution and success for the company. In lieu of globalization, companies should also focus Read more [...]