March 2017

SEO Violations – How to Protect Yourself

A lot of companies, particularly small businesses on a low budget, will build their own websites and social media presence. However, they don’t really know what they are doing in terms of being found, and the result of this is that they may do things wrong. Unfortunately, the search engines are quite unforgiving about mistakes, and will class them as violations and put appropriate penalties in place. In fact, many search engine optimization (SEO) companies are first contacted because of violations Read more [...]

Is Music Business, Art, or Both?

Today, the role of record labels has changed complete, and the world of music business with it. As a result, more and more artists are interested in completing a music business degree, because they want to make sure that what they create, also puts food on the table. But doesn’t that mean selling out on an art? Is music still an art, or is it now solely a business? Or is it both? Napster When the internet first came around, Napster also developed and people could suddenly get any type of Read more [...]

How to Start a Career In Business

The world of business is one of the latest ‘trendy’ career choices and there are millions of young people each year who sit and plot a career path in business. It is understandable to see why, business has changed radically over the last 30 years and the industry is no longer occupied by bearded old men in large overcoats. These days there are businesses being headed up by young, hungry and ambitious men and women who are constantly seeking to change the shape of business. There are many things Read more [...]

Why You Should be Investing in Real Estate

I have always dabbled a little when it came to investing, nothing too heavy just a few stocks and shares and the occasional oil future to make me a little bit of money from my savings to pay for that next vacation. Every time that I spoke with anyone about investment, they would always tell me that I should be investing my money in bricks and mortar. The problem that I had was that I didn’t like the idea of investing so much money in one fell swoop, I could afford it but I just felt as though there Read more [...]

School Flunks Who Hit The Big Time

Over 1 million American students each year drop out of school, these people are often faced with a difficult life, searching for ways to support themselves and their family and trying to nail down a solid job despite their lack of qualifications. Many of these people end up in the crime and the welfare system but this can not be said for all of them. In fact, across the World there are many incredibly successful people who in fact never made it through school and today we are going to shine a light Read more [...]

What to Do If You Have An Accident At Work

Whether you work in an office block, on a building site or in a supermarket, there is always a risk that you could have an accident at work. In this modern age most business take extraordinary steps to ensure that the work place is as safe an environment as possible but that doesn’t mean that accidents are impossible to come by. Most people never think that will never have an accident at work but for their own protection it is worth preparing for the possibility that it may happen. There is a Read more [...]

Get the job: ways to ace a job interview

After submitting countless applications and not getting responses for weeks and weeks on end, finally, you get a positive response. An employer offering a position in your field has contacted you, offering you the opportunity to try out for a space that could secure your life for the foreseeable future. However, so many people freeze up at broad-brush questions which many interviewers ask that they end up putting themselves out of the running for jobs in which they would perform well. As Read more [...]

How professional photography can help your business

With more eyeballs moving to the internet in the past decade, the importance of having excellent imagery on one's web portal has magnified considerably. If there is anything that grabs the attention of consumers these days, it is sharp, expertly-crafted photographs. Site owners that have these at the top of their posts and sales pages retain users, while those with lackluster pics lose them. Still skeptical whether there is any use in your business for expert photos? John Kleinheinz found Read more [...]

What are the common threads behind successful startups?

These days, people are abandoning the idea of a 40-year career with a single company. Instead, they are opting to create their own future through the crafting of a product or the delivery of a service. However, it isn't obvious what one should do to succeed when one is just starting out, so many model those who are already successful, or they ask them what they think of their idea. John Bradberry Charlotte NC has had a ton of experience over the years providing valuable advice to startup businesses, Read more [...]

Simple rules for building homes safely

Despite predictions of permanent doom a decade earlier, the home-building industry has roared back to life after spending several years in purgatory during the Great Recession. The recent boom in prices has stimulated new construction projects, and we are getting close to getting back to the building frenzy that defined much of the mid 2000's. Unfortunately, this means there has been an upswing in the number of contractors with a lax attitude towards health and safety. Caring only about Read more [...]