August 2017

The Top Facts You should Know before Applying for a Patent in the UK

You may have a great idea for a system, a great design for a new consumer product, or something similar that could be of great use to you, society, and the commercial market. However, no matter how wonderful your design or idea may be, it has no commercial value if you have no patent on it – if you do not have it registered as intellectual property. Legally speaking, the idea or design belongs to you from the moment of conception, but in the real world it’s unwise to rely on that – you need Read more [...]

Becoming a Profitable Day Trader

There are plenty of ways to become a profitable day trader. But why would you want to do it? What do you get out of being a financially independent person, with no boss to answer to and no cube to chain yourself to. You get freedom. You get a career with plenty of money to pay the bills and plenty of time to enjoy yourself. The key is you have to spend the time becoming a smart day trader. You need to spend time in day trading classes, learning the lingo, the techniques and the potential pitfalls. Read more [...]

Is It Time to Add More Manpower?

What is the exact number of employees that you think your business needs to operate? While that can be a tough question to answer, it is one that is nonetheless important to your prosperity. Are you thinking about adding manpower the rest of this year or once the New Year rolls around? If so, how many people? Also, where would you add these positions? Last, do you have the budget with which to pay for such new hires? There are some questions that one must answer in deciding the right time Read more [...]

The most Common Lawsuits Regarding Human Resources

If you are starting a new business, or have been running one for years, you will have to ensure that your human resources program is at a level that protects you as the owner from the variety of possible discrimination-based charges which could befall you as a result of an inadequate setup. Each year in the United States, tens of thousands of human resources related cases are put forwards. If you happen to ever encounter a severe case of discrimination enacted by your colleagues, you may have Read more [...]