October 2017

10 steps to Improve Your Company’s Sales

 Sometimes companies need to refresh the vision that customers have about their products, or better position their brand to continue satisfying clients and attracting new customers. Here you can learn about some techniques you will be able to use to guide consumer buying decisions towards your product, and get consumers to identify with your brand. Small changes – Your business sales can be increased drastically with small changes in the packaging of products, presentation of the commercial Read more [...]

5 Ways to Use LED Screens At Your Next Event

Event organisers now have a wealth of possibilities for using LED screens. In the past they may have used a few screens at reception, or a screen behind the speaker displaying relevant information, but now there are many more creative ways to integrate LED screen technology into a standout event.   Here are some of the best ways to use LED screens to make a big impact, increase engagement, and help attendees get the best from any event.   Live Streaming Live streaming Read more [...]