January 2018

Why You Should Learn to Say No More Often

When it comes to being able to deliver projects on time and keep to pre-planned schedules, few skills are as important as time management. Regardless of whether you’re the CEO, a freelancer or an entry-level employee, being able to manage your time well can often be the difference between successful projects and unhappy clients. One crucial aspect to effective time management is an ability to say ‘no’, whether that’s to family members, colleagues, clients or even your superiors. People Read more [...]

How to Thrive In As an Expat – 3 Ways Sure to Help

As an expat living in a foreign country, it is crucial to understand the new culture of your adopted country while ensuring you don’t over stretch yourself. This will surely help you to finding the right balance adapting to the new environment and still being your real self. Fitting to the new country has always been the major challenge expats used to have over the years. However, if you adopt the 3 following tips, you will not only enjoy your new country but you would even thrive! Learn Read more [...]