March 2018

Is College in Your Child’s Future?

Does your son or daughter have college in their future plans?

If so, doing well now in school is critical to those long-term goals.

Unfortunately, too many kids end up missing out on a great college because they do not have the grades.

With that in mind, what can you do to better your child’s academics now?

If you’re left wondering about the benefits of boarding schools, there are plenty of them to note.

So, is it time to learn more about such educational opportunities?

Boarding Schools Can Be What Your Kid Needs

In researching schools, gather a list that you would contemplate sending your kid to.

Whether they are close by or you would send your child off somewhere not so close; look at them side-by-side.

Among the features that should be of most interest to you and your son or daughter:

· Classes – Your first priority is making sure your child has exposure to great classes. As they start to think about college and the road ahead of them, they’re going to need to study hard now. By gaining knowledge in a boarding school, your kid has a good shot at a top-notch college.

· Outside class – As important as studies are, never overlook being active outside class. Performing arts and much more can drive your son or daughter to new opportunities. By being active in groups with other students, your child can come out of their shell. Before you know it, you have a new kid on your hands. That kid will be one who has opened up to other possibilities and experiences in life.

· Teachers – There are some great teachers in public schools. That said some your kid will have in a boarding school are top-notch. Look at the different boarding schools you might think of sending your child to. As you see bios of teachers at the institutions, you are likely going to realize that they can be of benefit to your kid.

· College prep – If your child’s goal is to get into a top-ranked college, a boarding school can be a great lead in. Ask other kids who’ve graduated from boarding schools about how beneficial that time was. It likely helped them in getting ready for the next step in their academic life.

While you should never pressure your kid into going to college, it should be something to discuss.

The bottom line is getting a good job these days is all but impossible without a solid college degree. In going to a boarding school, your child could find the education that they need to take the next big step in life.

Make it a priority to find the right boarding school so your kid can be better positioned for college.

If the time for a move to a boarding school is now, are you ready to get your child ` enrolled today?

When you do, your child could be on the road to stamping a ticket to college one day.

Why you should pursue a career in healthcare

Healthcare has recently taken over as the largest employment sector in America. In 2017 it blew past retail and manufacturing, largely on the strength of an aging population. The scale and diversity of the sector offers a great opportunity to those in search of a reliable, future-proof career. Here are our five top reasons to consider pursuing a career in healthcare:

Increasing demand

Healthcare is a growth industry. That means new jobs, more opportunity, and long-term job security. The population in the United States is aging, with a full quarter of all Americans projected to pass the age of 55 within the decade. Seniors require more care then working age adults, adding to healthcare demand. There’s a baseline demand spurred on by public health coverage, and healthcare as a service is also growing in popularity, with increasing investment in value-added treatments to improve quality of life, appearance, health, and life expectancy for those who can afford extra care.


Resistant to outsourcing


While many industries have fallen prey to outsourcing, healthcare is one of the few remaining in-person services. Clinics and treatments serve a local – or at best, regional – community, meaning those jobs can’t be shipped offshore to markets where the currency is more favorable, and the labor is cheaper. Healthcare offers long-term, stable jobs to Americans, with better future prospects than most other industries.

AI can’t take over

On a related note, healthcare jobs are resistant to automation. While manufacturing, service, and knowledge-work careers have seen employment drops as technology has taken on more of the load, healthcare is still provided by humans. There will be increasing opportunities for those who provide and support healthcare technology services, but robots aren’t taking over primary care anytime soon. Medical professionals, support services, and related careers have stronger prospects than other industries that are more vulnerable to widespread automation.

Growth opportunity

Because healthcare careers are so diverse and widespread, they generally offer strong growth opportunity, in addition to long-term stability. Even very entry-level positions can grow into supervisory, management, and leadership roles over time, and, with additional education and experience, it’s possible to upgrade or specialize your skills. Rather than investing in an expensive education with limited prospects, an entry-level healthcare education is affordable, accessible, and can be upgraded as you earn, learn, and discover what career direction best suits your interests and skills.

Variety & flexibility

The healthcare sector is massive and diverse. It’s possible to start in one position and use that experience to shift to another if you find it’s not the best fit for your personality, skills, or work style. You can do a limited amount of education, work for a few years, and then upgrade your courses and shift to another job once you learn about the opportunities – or create your own opportunities and launch a medical services venture. There are roles for those who like working with people, those who gravitate toward technology, those who prefer management or administration to direct care, and a whole host of other opportunities. Depending on the direction you take, there are opportunities for flexible, freelance, and remote work, or to launch your own business. American healthcare education and experience is also highly transferrable, making it a good choice if you’d like to travel and work overseas in the future.


If you have a good idea of what type of work you’d be interested in, you can dive in with the appropriate degree or training right away or start small and work your way up. It’s worthwhile looking for a school with a diverse healthcare course list so you could start with a medical office assistant diploma, work a few years, and then go back to upgrade once you discover where your skills shine and your interests lead. Or you could take a short healthcare aide program, work and earn funds for further schooling, and then specialize in technology, or management, or a full-on primary caregiver or specialist degree in nursing, pharmacology, or med school.


Healthcare careers let you gain firsthand experience, earn money, and choose the path that’s right for you. They have some of the best long-term prospects of all sectors, with the security of an aging population that will require care for years to come, and limited capacity for outsourcing to offshore suppliers or automation by AI or robots. The healthcare sector is served by all sorts of hands-on, professional, and specialist roles, making it a diverse and flexible career choice. You can get started earning quickly and easily or invest up front in more education and then dive right into whatever role most interests you.

Tips for Online Dating

There are dozens on online dating sites nowadays, including sites geared towards specific demographics such as seniors and others like Christian Mingle that focus on matching religious beliefs as part of the dating game. If you’re tempted to join one or more in order to start dating here are some tips to help you get started!

Be honest. While we all put on our best face when meeting new people, don’t use a 10 year old photo because you’ve gained 30 pounds and don’t think you look as good as you used to. Likewise, don’t say you’re a chef if you’re a short order cook and above all don’t claim to be single if you’re married or in a committed relationship.

Be discrete. Don’t go overboard with the private details of your life, as you don’t want strangers to know your address, place of work, or where your kids go to school. Find a nice balance without making yourself vulnerable to cons.

Be safe. Make sure you meet in a public place such as a coffee shop, tell someone where you’re going, who you’re meeting, and what time you’ll check in after you get home safely.

Be polite. If your date goes well but you don’t get a follow up call afterwards let it go. Don’t badger them with messages or phone calls if you don’t hear from them again as they have their own reasons they may wish to keep private.

Be discerning. That means following your inner instincts, too. For example, if you use a Christian Mingle coupon to meet someone who shares your beliefs yet they hesitate to talk about their religious views there might be a good reason. While most members are looking for companionship just like you there are a small number of predators looking for their next mark!

Watch your wallet. If you’ve just met someone and they give you a story of financial hardship they may be trying to be upfront with you and that’s a good thing. If they ask you for a loan or investment on the second or third date it should set off warning bells.

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