October 2018

How to open your supply chain to the global marketplace

Despite changes in the Foreign Policy of the United States with regards to international trade, and the ongoing discussions between the United Kingdom and the European Union with regards to Brexit, we live in an ever growing and ever more global society, and it’s no different when it comes to our businesses.   What does this mean for my supply chain? Simply put, the more links you have in your supply chain, the longer and more productive the reach. Gone are the days when businesses looked Read more [...]

Effective business finance advice for trading overseas

If you are thinking of expanding your company to trade in overseas markets, then it is an exciting step. With around £30bn in goods being exported from the UK as of June 2018, you will be joining a thriving international business community. Naturally, the key thing to do it successfully is to prepare wisely for the expansion. By taking the relevant steps to make sure that everything is in place, both in the UK and the new territory, you will be well placed to make it work. What business finance Read more [...]

How to look after your finances as a sole trader

In recent years it’s been estimated that there are almost 200,000 sole traders in Britain – a statistic which reveals just how popular this mode of working really is. However, it’s also widely known that being a sole trader brings with it a whole host of additional challenges that working in a larger organisation does not, and one of these is the fraught world of finances. From filing a tax return to making significant financial decisions, there’s an awful lot to do. This article, then, will Read more [...]