July 2019

Is influencer marketing right for your brand?

Influencer marketing is one of the biggest trends to watch in 2019 and it is growing month on month. There are a number of big companies who are currently dominating the influencer marketing industry, but it also works well for smaller, local businesses too. Over 93% of professionals say influencer marketing is effective for building brand awareness. If you’re looking to get into influencer marketing and not sure where to start or if it’s even right for your company. UK Car Finance are here Read more [...]

Bharat Bhise HNA – The Benefits of Locking Down Your Business’ Online Security

I work with many upcoming businesses to help them improve their internet security and each time I start a job I always asked about what benefits a company will get for their investment. My last customer was a guy called Bharat Bhise HNA and he asked the very same questions. My response is often the same and so today I want to speak particularly about Bharat and his business, and the peace of mind which he now has. Cyber security is of utmost importance and here are some of the benefits which we Read more [...]

Lyconet – Marketing Strategies Which Can Make an Impact For Your Small Business

If you are running a small business then you’ll know just how difficult it can be to commit to a marketing budget. On the one hand you know that marketing will help bring in more customers and more sales to your business yet on the other hand it involves investing capital which may very well be limited. In order to overcome this you need to ensure that you are investing money in something which will be profitable and which will bring in a strong return on investment. To help you nail down which Read more [...]

Marc Leder – Business Lessons 101

I was very fortunate when I started out in business that I had a great mentor in Marc Leder, Marc has been a successful businessman since he was a teenager and he knows just about everything that there is to know about this industry. For me Marc was the inspiration for me getting into y own business after beginning as his assistant when I was just 18. Iw ill be forever indebted to what Marc showed me and there were certain things which he taught me that have stayed with me forever. I wanted to share Read more [...]

Reputation Management Consultant Reviews – Why Businesses Have to Focus On Their Online Reps

Working with many businesses I am always surprised at how few of them pay much attention to their online reputations. Whether a business operates online or otherwise is completely irrelevant, every business has a reputation of some kind online and the importance of whether that is a positive or negative reputation is absolutely huge. To understand just how much difference these types of companies can make to a business you only need to browse some of the reputation management consultant reviews, Read more [...]

Scott Tominaga – When is the Right Time to Hire a Financial Advisor For Your Business?

Whenever we are asked business questions the most common is whether or not a business should hire a financial advisor. We know that it can be difficult for small businesses to work out where they should be spending their capital, especially given that there usually isn’t a lot of it to go around in the early days. We caught up with financial advisor extraordinaire Scott Tominaga to find out when businesses should hire financial advisors, and what they can expect from a service like this. When Read more [...]

Kelly Curia-Schmidt – The Changing Face of Women in the Workplace

For many years the choice for women was a career or kids, and there was very little by way of choice in this regard. That was a long time ago however and thanks to trailblazers like my good friend Kelly Curia-Schmidt, things have changed a great deal. You only need to look across industries such as business and finance to see that there are a huge number of strong, empowered women who are managing successful careers and being great mums at the same time. So what is it that changed things for women Read more [...]

Mladen Djankovic on the Importance of Technology in the Overall Strategy of a Business

Over the years, Mladen Djankovic has helped a number of entrepreneurs develop and grow their startups through sound business advice. While he emphasizes marketing and branding, Mladen acknowledges other factors equally important in the bigger picture. One of these factors is technology. Image source: pinterest.com Mladen notes that too many young entrepreneurs today prioritize cutting costs over everything else, which is unfortunate. Being too focused on saving money shields one’s eyes Read more [...]

The Main And Most Important Steps When Remodeling Your Home

If the current state of your home or any room in it does not impress you, then you might consider partial or full remodelling works. This is one of the best decisions you will ever make. However, realizing your taste and extent of the remodelling works will be determined by your budget. The remodel works success or failure will also be determined mainly by the choice of your remodelling firm. Choosing the best remodelling firm for your kitchen, bathroom, and even the entire house need not be Read more [...]

7 must-have technologies for your business

Technology continues to change the face of business, and those companies who take advantage of the right innovations for their industry often enjoy a significant competitive edge. From better managing your teams and cashflow, to ultimately better serving your customers - we examine some of the must-have technologies that can help your business thrive. Take control of your cashflow Ask any business owner about their biggest challenges, and cashflow is virtually bound to feature on the list. Read more [...]