August 2019

Audit Defense Reviews – The Power of The IRS

Something which has always scared the life out of me is the IRS, ever since I was younger and heard stories about them closing down businesses, hitting people with penalties and generally taking no nonsense from people when it came to paying their tax bills. For me this is why I have always used the service of Audit Defense, they take care of your tax returns and work with you on any audits and if you check out the Audit Defense reviews you can see for yourself just how much they have been able Read more [...]

Bharat Bhise HNA – The Types of Dangerous Cyber Attacks

I have had a small business now for around 6 years and one aspect of the company which I was never convinced about investing in was cyber security. Our company uses computers for just about everything but I always believed that simple virus protection would be enough. Last year I decided to look into this a little more and spoke with industry expert Bharat Bhise HNA, about whether or not I needed to invest in cyber security. Bharat was very kind to take a look at our systems and spot the gaps which Read more [...]

Kersh Law Firm – What to Look For In a Great Lawyer

If you have run into some legal difficulties and you need to lawyer up then it is important that you spend the time on finding the very best lawyer for you. Regardless of whether you have been slapped with a DUI, gotten yourself caught up in a dispute with your employer or are about to file a petition for divorce, the things to look for in a great lawyer remain the same. I have a friend who works for Kersh law firm and he has helped me to put together a quick checklist of what you should be looking Read more [...]

Reviewing the Sack Race With Bogoljub Karic

In anticipation of the upcoming Premier League season we are going to focus today not on which team will win the league, nor who will be relegated, but rather on the manager’s who will be the first in the crosshairs of their owners this season. The sack race is always an interesting one, especially in this day and age of owners looking for instant success, and who have twitchy trigger fingers. We have seen throughout the years that no manager is safe, Ranieri and Mourinho can attest to that, Premier Read more [...]

Ron Cadman – Benefits You Can Count on When You Start Gardening

When we first moved up to Alberta, Canada from the USA our house needed a lot of work doing to it, especially to the outside areas. Because of the money this house had already cost us we had to visit a lender to get a little extra cash to get the place sorted out, but I have always preferred to just get jobs done rather than bide my time. The garden work was completed by Ron Cadman, a local a gardener, who even offered me a discount if I was to help. I would be a fraud if I told you that ‘we’ completed Read more [...]

Dr. Curtis Cripe – Understanding What Neuropsychology is

Neuropsychology is a science and a branch of medicine which you may not have heard of before but this is something which is helping thousands of people around the world. There are some geniuses in this field, people like the brilliant Dr. Curtis Cripe who have dedicated their lives to the implementation and the advancement of neuropsychology. We were fortunate enough to catch up with Dr. Cripe at a recent medical convention to dig a little deeper into what exactly is neuropsychology, let’s have Read more [...]

Brennan & Clark LLC – The Advantages of Settling With a Debt Collection Agency

Last week was a truly fascinating one for me as I was lucky enough to spend 3 days with the team at Brennan & Clark LLC, a debt collection agency. Now to many these may seem like 3 days wasted but in a world where people’s personal debt is spiraling out of control, those days gave me a great insight into what life is like on the other side of the fence. Throughout the US there are hundreds of thousands of people who have debt which they are mismanaging, can’t afford to pay or simply ignoring, Read more [...]

Ali Ata – Tips on Getting Started in Real Estate Investment

People always tell you to get invested in bricks and mortar if you are looking at making some money and that is exactly what my buddy Ali Ata did some years ago, an investment which he has since tuned into a fortune. Ali was kind enough to help me out with this post which is for anyone who has a real desire to get involved in real estate investment. We aren’t going to give you in-depth knowledge about this industry, just the things that you need to understand before you take the plunge. If this Read more [...]

Why Play Slots for Free

Slot games have always attracted players around the world because of being affordable, convenient, and interesting entertainment. Slot games have always attracted players around the world because of being affordable, convenient, and interesting entertainment. You can never guess if you are lucky or not. If there is a small loss, it is not a big deal, but losing lots of money can become a problem. There is one point that still upsets lots of gambling fans — risking your money is an annoying Read more [...]

Three Concrete Ways to Improve High School Education

High school is an odd place. Not only are you expected to learn, but you have to play the social game and avoid getting stuffed into lockers. The student spends much of their time trying to keep up with their studies as best they can. Unfortunately they seem to be memorizing lectures from the teacher and information from the textbooks and simply regurgitating them back when asked. Teachers should be there to guide the students into better learning, not being the sole decision maker of what the students Read more [...]