3 Benefits of Feeding Your Canine Grain Free Dog Food

For us humans, it is entirely normal to adopt a grain free diet. There are tons of health-focused individuals foregoing the grains these days since there are several benefits to this type of diet. Maybe you yourself have even eliminated all grains from your daily food consumption after reading best-selling books like Grain Brain and Wheat Belly.

Perhaps you have even done the same for your dog and opted for grain free dog food instead of the tradition grain-riddled kibble. Even though there is a bit of controversy on the matter, opting for a grain free diet for both you and your furry friend has some potential health benefits.

Before you switch out your current kibble for a grain free alternative, do some research to decide if it is the right move for your dog. If you do decide that a grain free diet is suitable for your pup, the potential benefits make the higher average price of grain free dog food entirely worth it.

Your Dog Will Feel Fuller For Longer

Nobody wants to leave the dog at home all day, but depending on an individual’s line of work it might be necessary. For anyone holding a job that keeps them away from the house for long hours, the least they can do is choose a dog food that will leave their dog feeling full all day long. This is one of the major benefits of choosing a grain free dog food alternative.

This is another reason that the extra cost of grain free dog food can be overlooked. Pet foods containing grains won’t leave a dog feeling full, which means more food should be given. With this factor in play, the cost of grain vs grain free is nearly even.

Grain Free Foods Reduce the Risk of Allergies

You might not even know it, but your dog could be allergic to the foods that you’ve been feeding him or her for years. Allergies come in many forms, and some result in shedding or skin flaking. If your dog is experiencing these symptoms, which many dogs do, it is time to throw out the old kibble and make the switch to grain free food instead.

Many dogs are allergic or sensitive to gluten, just as humans are. In fact, gluten sensitivity seems to be on the rise in canine breeds, and the majority of dog foods containing grains also contain gluten. Don’t beat yourself up to bad about feeding your dog food that is causing allergic reactions, it’s not like your pup can tell you outright about a gluten intolerance. Instead, simply make the switch to grain free to see how your dog reacts.

Grain Free Foods Help Dogs to Stay Fit

If your dog is getting on the pudgy side, there’s a good chance it is a result of the dog food you are buying. Just as grains can lead to weight gain in humans, especially as we age, they can do the same for dogs. A veterinarian will tell you whether or not your dog is overweight, and if so the vet will often suggest a switch to grain free food.

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