3 super tips to an accident free workplace

Does your workplace have spitting valves, sputtering contraptions, trailing wires and about as much natural light as an orc’s cave? Then, long story short, you’ve got some improvements to make.

Indeed, health and safety legislation dictates that every workplace needs to be up to scratch. And if it isn’t, you can expect your business doors to close pretty soon.

There are plenty of bosses who’ll try to shirk such legislation. Like old Victorian workhouse owners, they’ll let their staff tackle dangerous tasks without any of the appropriate safety equipment. But these cigar-toting villains will run into an accident claim before long.

To ensure you don’t make your employees and your profits dwindle, follow a few of these tips. They’ll keep your workplace on the right side of health and safety legislation.

Flames be gone!

Fire is a threat that few people take seriously. It lingers on the outcrops of our mind, a danger that only occurs to other people – all until you’re staring at a work premises reduced to ashes.

Yet people still act surprised when their building goes up in flames, despite not investing in adequate fire protection.

If you’re in a workplace with a high fire risk, start by investing in Durasteel, a protective barrier that slots neatly into your wall cavities, stemming the spread of flames for up to four hours. That’s plenty of time for you to give the emergency services a call.

And stock up on fire extinguishers, sprinkler systems and alarms to aid the fight of fire before it tears through your building.

Listen up

A boss shouldn’t live in an ivory tower made of $$$ – they should be amongst their employees, listening to everything they have to say.

With your staff members’ input, you’ll know first-hand what safety improvements you need to make in your workplace.

Set up an open door policy at least once a week, giving your employees the chance to come and speak to you about their working environment. If they feel a little intimidated speaking to their boss, set up a suggestion box where employees can submit queries anonymously.

Know the rules

While most health and safety legislation is common sense, there are a few more complicated processes that could make your head spin.

To solve any quandaries, invite a safety expert to uncover any major danger hotspots. With a fresh pair of eyes, they’ll see everything wrong with your place of work and give you top-notch advice on how to fix it.

They might ask you for a reasonable payment for their work – but it’s nothing compared to the pay-out you’ll have to make when an accident claim comes calling.

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