5 Ways to Use LED Screens At Your Next Event

Event organisers now have a wealth of possibilities for using LED screens. In the past they may have used a few screens at reception, or a screen behind the speaker displaying relevant information, but now there are many more creative ways to integrate LED screen technology into a standout event.


Here are some of the best ways to use LED screens to make a big impact, increase engagement, and help attendees get the best from any event.


  1. Live Streaming

Live streaming has been a regular occurrence at live sporting events and concerts. You definitely need a live stream broadcasting the event to people who may be seated outside the optimum viewing area, or cannot enjoy the performance up close. You can also use live screening in conferences and business events to show people in other conference rooms what is going on elsewhere in the event, or to highlight specific parts of a speech or presentation while it is happening live.


  1. Additional Information, Montages, and Features

Gaps in the program can be solved using LED Av Rental screens. Lining up backstage footage, interviews, features, and montages of the event provides entertainment while the next part of the event or show is being set up.


  1. Sponsorship Opportunities

Sponsors have the chance to showcase their brand and provide information about their products for the audience. But this doesn’t have to be done in a bland and boring, infomercial way. There are many creative ways in which sponsors can use the screens to display their message while providing entertainment for attendees. LED screens can be linked together to provide impressive displays, and companies sponsoring events can produce bespoke packages that fit in with the style of the event and also help to increase event engagement.


  1. Social Media Integration

While everyone can access information from the live feeds on Facebook or Instagram, it is often a great idea to provide updates in large scale so that people feel more engaged and integrated into the event. Tweets can be displayed and shared on the big screen, poll results displayed, and photos, making the event into a shared experience.


  1. Games

Encourage audience participation through the use of big screens with games and fun tasks for people to take part in. There are many ways to use games on the big screen to help people get more out of the event and also to allow them to interact with each other and with sponsors.


Av Rental


Image: Image courtesy of tungphoto/ FreeDigitalPhotos.net



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