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Established in 2006, Get The Big Picture is one of the premier movie reviews and news sites on the web today.   Attracting over 350,000 views per month, Big Picture brings readers the latest movie news with additional insightful commentary by screenwriters, journalists, and hardcore movie enthusiasts.  We believe you can get the news anywhere, but the opinions and thoughts which generate discussion is invaluable.  Get The Big Picture is also one of IMDB's Official News Source sites, a recognition given only to the highest quality movie news websites.  

We are a movie news site for passionate movie fans and our articles come from movie fans just like you. Our writers are based all over the United States with diverse backgrounds to give different point of views and writing styles for our readers.  We hope you continue to enjoy the Big Picture and subscribe using one of the many methods on the right hand side.



Craig Dietz (email: craigdietz37 (at) - Craig lives in Denver Colorado, where he graduated from the University of Colorado with a degree in Accounting. His love affair with film began after seeing Back to the Future. He claims he could also probably quote Reservoir Dogs verbatim, and watching The Naked Gun still makes him laugh as much as it did the first time. He discovered GTBP back during its infancy and welcomed the chance to join the writing staff.

Kerry Fleming (email: kerrygfleming (at) - Kerry is originally from New York City and currently resides just outside of our nation’s capital. He works in the air traffic profession, and has helped safeguard the skies above the U.S. for 25 years. A life-long writer, he joined the GTBP staff last year to share his knowledge of movies. He also spends his down-time writing screenplays with a few of his completed scripts now being considered for production.  

Joe Harris (email: j.harris (at) - Joe was born and raised in the state of New York, benefiting from the artistic power of New York City. He is currently pursuing a degree in English at Fordham University's Lincoln Center campus, where he works in their IT department. Film has been a passion of his that has inspired his acting and writing. As fan of Get the Big Picture he jumped at the opportunity to write and share his thoughts on the movies of today.

David Hoffman (email: doubtfizzle (at) - David was born in Las Vegas, Nevada. He's had an obsessive love for film ever since being introduced to Quentin Tarantino movies. He recently graduated from Biola University with a degree in film, and is an aspiring screenwriter. His short films have been screened in places as diverse as Germany and the San Diego Comic Con. As a long time fan and new Editor in Chief of GTBP, he's thrilled to write about the good and the bad of the industry.

Keyra Jallah (email: keyrajallah (at) - Keyra is from the Twin Cities but currently lives in Boulder, Colorado, where she is finishing up a degree in Liberal Arts while also working for a online hardware store. As a huge movie buff, she recently joined Get the Big Picture for the chance to write and speak her mind about her love for movies, a passion created by classics like Legend, Willow and Labryinth.

Ben Pittard (email: benton.pittard (at) - Ben was born and raised in North Carolina. He graduated from UNC with a degree in English and continues to live in Chapel Hill. When he’s not working on his own writing he pays the bills as a copywriter. As a former A&E editor in college he joined GTBP to continue sharing his love for the silver screen. When he’s not eyeballs deep in movies he’s likely buried in books, geeking out about comics, or cooking a Southern feast.

Jonathan Silva (email: jonathansilva1892 (at) - Jonathan has been passionate about films his entire life and is fascinated with how movies are made. He loves conceiving story ideas and writing short film scripts based on those ideas. He is currently enrolled in Full Sail University majoring in Entertainment Business. Jonathan has written the Fearless Forecast, Box-Office Results and weekly Blu-ray release articles for GTBP for over a year now.   


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