According to the Top Tech PR Firm, Expect These 3 Marketing Trends to Take Over

The world of digital marketing is constantly evolving, which makes it difficult to keep up with the current marketing trends. To help out, the top tech PR firm has offered up some insight on three marketing trends that are likely to make a major impact on the way businesses relate to the world.

Social Media Will Become More Controversial Than Ever

Social media is here to stay, but you can expect it to become more controversial than ever before. In the past, social media business account holders believed that engaging friends and followers was a one-way street. But that is no longer the way that social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram work.

Instead of delivering content to social media followers in a direct way, businesses are trying a new engagement tactic. Social media is one of the best platforms for gauging the wants and needs of potential customers and clients. It’s about time that businesses use this marketing tool in the proper way.

Here’s how social media is expected to work from here on out. Instead of delivering content in a one-way stream, businesses will simply attempt to get the conversation started. Social media is about social listening, and that is exactly where the world of social media is headed. Instead of using Facebook or Insta as a means for delivering information, it will be used to listen, assess, and then deliver on whatever friends and followers seem to want.

SEO Will Be Applied to Video Content

Video content seems to be taking over the world. One study shows that “video is shared 1,200% more than both links and text combined.” Forbes says that “videos are highly engaging and have the chance to reach a larger number of users and develop strong emotional connections with viewers.”

This is why video content is being focused on more than ever by small businesses and large corporations alike. Not only that, but video content is being created to follow SEO standards, just as informational content containing words would be. Trying to rank for a video is nothing like ranking for a blog post, so many marketers will find this new task challenging.

Email Marketing Will Become Less Spammy

Email marketing is nothing new, but this digital marketing practice is expected to change drastically in the years to come. Many email marketing campaigns come off as spammy – in fact, a good amount of marketing-related emails end up in a person’s Spam, Trash, or Promotions folder. What else do you expect from emails sent out to thousands of people for marketing purposes?

This is all about to change. Email marketing is about to get way more personal than it has ever been before. Studies show that consumers prefer to be targeted in a more personal way, rather than just clumped into the “potential customer” category. With a more personal email marketing campaign, customers are found to feel a stronger sense of loyalty to the company.

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