Allahabad Bank Home Loan Interest Rate Vs Axis Home Loan Interest Rate

Before I start with this article, let me ask you a very simple question – what things do you consider while opting for home loan? I know most of you will answer it as service, approval time and interest rate. About the first two things that I just mentioned, Allahabad Bank is considered among the best ones. Yeah, it is counted among the best ones in the latter part too, but I would not just tell that in words, rather will prove it by making you aware from the Allahabad Bank Home Loan Interest Rate. Talking about that in the next section.

Home Loan Interest Rate If you are opting for loan of amount up to Rs. 25 lakhs, then the applicable interest rate is 10.20 percent. The maximum time for the repay of amount is 25 years. If you are non-salaried person, then you can get 4 times of gross annual Income, For salaried persons, bank can sanction maximum of 60 times of monthly gross salary. Maximum in both the cases is 200 lac.

If you are looking to take loan of more than 25 lacs, then there is a bad news for you. You will have to pay 10.45 percent interest rate in that case. Wait, it’s applicable for the amount of more than 25 lacs and less than 75 lacs. The maximum time allowance and other conditions are same as of that were in up to Rs. 25 lac loan amount. If the amount you are looking for is more than 75 lacs then the applicable interest in your case is 10.70 percent. Yeah, increment of 0.25 percent again.

Allahabad Bank home loan interest rate is quite impressive irrespective of the amount you are looking for, right? Not only that, but the approval system is quite fast, and the staff is very friendly. You can get details of the procedure involved in taking home loan, from the bank staff. You can also head over to bank’s official website for detailed information. If you have any concern regarding Allahabad Bank home loan interest rate, then please use the below comment box to reach us.

Allahabad Bank provides house loans at attractive interest rates. To know about the Allahabad Bank home loan interest rate, just read out this article.

Axis bank, with its efforts in providing good offers to the customers, has made its name among the best banks in India. Every offer run by Axis bank is truly meant to serve people. You must be agree with it if you rely on this bank for your banking needs. If you are looking to take home loan, then I would suggest you to forget all banks and to opt for Axis bank. Why? The interest rates are pretty attractive.

i will provide you with the info about Axis home loan interest rate, but before that allow me to tell you that while opting for any bank for the home loan, make sure to check the interest rate, service type. Interest rate matters the most, as the more it is, the more will be the loan cost, more will be the EMI, and hence more will be the burden on your pocket. So, if you don’t want to cry later on, make sure you do a deep research in the market and then only opt for the home loan. Whether or not Axis bank is good for you, will get cleared after knowing the Axis home loan interest rate. Writing about in the next section.

For the amount of up to Rs. 25 lacs, the interest rate per annnum is 10.25 percent. It includes the base rate only, as the mark up rate in it is zero. So, in case your need, or you are eligible for this much amount, then the interest rate is lowest. Above Rs. 25 lacs, there is addition of 0.50 percent markup rate in the base rate. That takes the total interest to 10.75 percent. For the Top Up amount, the interest rate is 12.25 percent.

In case you find yourself interested in taking home loan from Axis bank, head over to official website of bank to get more details about how to proceed ahead with the process of taking loan. If you have any concern about Axis home loan interest rate, then communicate with us via the comment box.

Those who are looking to know about Axis home loan interest rate, must read out this well-explained article right away.

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