Be warehouse savvy – and see profits soar

Few businesses consider the effect that a poorly laid out warehouse can have on their profits. Most are satisfied with premises that look about as cheerful as a clown crematorium.

But the savvy company executive knows that everyone needs a boost in their workforce. Whether it’s executives in their ivory towers or low-wage workers in their finely tuned warehouse, keeping everyone satisfied will help boost morale and, in turn, reduce staff turnover.

With that in mind, we’ve racked our noodles to give you tips on how your warehouse could be improved. Here’s what we’ve come up with.

Kit out your mezzanine

Have you got enough space in your warehouse? Or is your shelving fit to burst? Well, provided you’ve got high ceilings, some mezzanine flooring could be the solution to your spatial woes.

Essentially a new floor supported by steel girders, mezzanine flooring will quite literally take your warehouse to the next level.

Just imagine what you can do with all that extra space. You’ll be able to install new shelving, cram in extra boxes or even create a VIP area for visiting clients.

For added safety, invest in mezzanine pallet gates, an elevator of sorts designed for the safe movement of cargo. That way, you’ll avoid any dangerous descents downstairs with heavy goods.

Let there be light

How many warehouses have you entered with the dingy feeling of a dungeon? Dark corners, boxes looking withered and employees resembling vampires – all sights you’ll see in the worst kind of warehouse.

And the solution is simple – let in the sun.

Invest in windows for your roof that’ll illuminate your warehouse. With the boost of rays, your premises will be more oxygenated, leading to fresher, more active employees. There’s literally no downside.

Stay perky

Employees love a perk or two, even if it’s just something to help break up the grind of the day.

So why not give the people what they want? Fill your staff room with goodies on a daily basis, make sure you’ve got a decent range of teas and coffees on offer, and bring in the occasional culinary treat to inject some pep into your workers.

Working in a warehouse can sometimes feel like a bit of a slog. But with one or two treats to brighten up a shift, that slog won’t seem quite so bad.

Beat the labyrinth

In larger warehouses, getting lost is par for the course. Shelves and shelves run left and right like Daedalus’ labyrinth. You have to leave a trail of breadcrumbs just to return to where you’ve started.

That’s why you need directions and helpful signs throughout your warehouse. If your employees aren’t continually befuddled, their productivity will inevitably increase.