If you’re a modern person, living in this century with access to an electronic or mobile device, you already know what insta is. Instagram is a social media platform that everyone uses to be updated about not just everyone’s lives, but also about the world.  Millions of people all across the world use Instagram, and it is currently the hottest social media site right now.

The way Instagram works is through pictures, posts or stories. People who use Instagram use it to post pictures of their day to day activities, videos of interesting events and anything they find others might deem exciting.  With the help of these post and stories, people stay updated with one another’s life. Instagram has completely revolutionized the modern usage of the Internet and is the biggest thing after Facebook.


Unlike Facebook, on Instagram, you do not make friends. However, you can follow people and pages alike, and they can follow you back. The people and pages that you follow, can see everything that you post, and you too can see everything they post. If they follow you back, you can also get the opportunity to text them directly via Instagram.


People who have a lot of Instagram followers are more popular on that social media. Through followers, you can spread your business’s or company’s name, popularize your page and your brand, and get the whole world buzzing about you.  Therefore, it is not only very important but also very helpful to have a lot of Instagram followers.

Getting more followers on Instagram is not that easy. This is the ultimate list of tipsto get more IG followers,

  • You have to turn your account from Private to public and keep it that way. If your account is changed to private, a lesser number of people would be able to view it. With a public account, more people would be able to view your Instagram page without any obstacles.
  • You have to create a proper Instagram account with a good bio and an even better niche. Having a good bio and a great niche along with a stunning profile picture that is related to the brand you’re selling, makes your Instagram page a lot more attractive. You have to keep in mind, social media is a virtual world, the more you make your page look good, the more followers you get.
  • You have to keep updating your Instagram page with posts, every other day. If your page isn’t updated, people will lose their interest in following it. You have to keep posting good content regularly, content that you think will be noticed by your followers and admired as well.
  • You need to use hashtags and links to other content related to your brand more. With better hashtags and links, people will become more familiar with your products.
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