Best Practices to Boost Business Growth and Lead Generation

What’s little must grow – be it a plant, a civilization, or a business, the tiniest stems of effort can rise high only when fed with care. In the competitive world of entrepreneurship, clients are the only fertilizer worth investing in. They are the ones who boost growth, the ones who determine your fate.

While loyal customers keep companies alive, potential clients tend to their development. It’s why every retention strategy begins with lead generation, and why you should never stop coming up with new and exciting ways to attract future customers. A lot of them have already been tried and tested.

Here’s what to do when ideation fails you.

These are the best practices for scoring more leads and growing your business.

A Dirty Trick Called the Sense of Urgency!!-:strip_icc-!!-/2017/01/16/339/n/38922823/de145c0ed8d318dc_instagram_stories.jpg

A sense of urgency is a secret formula known to all the best salespeople, but it can be successfully applied to marketing as well. It’s when you make an offer that cannot be refused, and you promise it only to a few of the quickest contenders. A sense of urgency thus sparks engagement by skipping steps.

A good example of this is an Instagram-based marketing campaign that doesn’t utilize extensive content portfolios, but real-time Stories. Instead of working for months to build an Instagrammable catalogue of your products, you can simply use Stories to make a limited offer that lasts only for a day.

Though these campaigns are usually built around discounts, the same effect can be achieved with an exclusive, full priced product or service that won’t be available after the offer expires. This may be a VIP ticket to your headquarters, a free user onboarding program, or anything else that calls for action.

Content Remains the King of All Traffic

It has been a while since content was first crowned king though, and the rules that applied in these simpler times don’t suffice any more. Content remains at the top of marketing tactics, lead generation strategies, and growth hacks, but it nowadays requires creators to walk at least a 10 times longer road.

We’re talking about 10x content as the only foolproof way to acquire leads through content strategy.

All online-based markets are already saturated, and audiences desire something new, better and more unique. The easiest way to give them that is by discovering old, link-worthy content, creating something 10x better, and aiming it to the right audience through ads and emails or via social media.

A Little Generosity Goes a Long Way

A long time ago, the Journal of Applied Social Psychology published an interesting experimental study called “Sweetening the Till: The Use of Candy to Increase Restaurant Tipping”. Although it was intended for the hospitality industry, it caught the attention of entrepreneurs from unrelated markets.

The results are still just as enlightening – the waiters who gave customers a few mints with a check were rewarded with a 21% increase in the tips – and they do translate to different industries and customer relationship management strategies. Also, they can be successfully used for lead nurturing.

It goes without saying that you need to discover the equivalent of mint in your industry. Once again, it can be something related to discounts, and sent to prospects after they sign up for your newsletter. Just make sure to include it in your CTA, as it will speak of your generosity and good will beforehand.

Optimizing Lead Generation with RPA

Robotic process automation tools are everywhere around, and it’s only natural that some of them tackle lead generation as well. These features usually come as a part of marketing automation suites, developed to help companies design and run campaigns in an optimized and highly personalized way.

The lead generation part of the suite will primarily work on your email marketing campaigns, and use triggers to automate re-engagement emails. It will, however, depend on your social media and website content to drive enough interest and make prospects opt-in for your email newsletters and giveaways.

The benefits of automated lead generation are more or less the same as the benefits of any automated business process – you’ll have more time to commit to big accounts, and gain insight into how hot and cold leads typically behave. Segmentation is put on autopilot, and so are retargeting and follow-ups.

The Build, Test and Repeat Strategy

Since lead generation strategies pave the way for conversions and the following retention tactics, one could argue that they have the power to make or break entire sales funnels. This speaks of their paramount importance for overall business growth, but also reminds that lead gen must be flawless.

Everything from social media ads and blog content to CTAs and email newsletters must be carefully tailored to the ideal buyer persona’s needs and expectations. The success of some campaigns can be measured only with time, but everything else that can be assessed beforehand should be put to test.


Presuming you’re already blessed with a loyal customer pool, however small it may be, reach out your existing customers for help with lead acquisition. You can learn a lot about their behavior from watching how they move throughout the sales funnel, or you can simply ask them what to do better.

Together with the aforementioned techniques, such feedback can help you create a customer success strategy that would attract new leads through word of mouth marketing. Never separate acquisition from retention – only with joint efforts, they can drive your business further and make it grow higher.

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