Bharat Bhise HNA – The Benefits of Locking Down Your Business’ Online Security

I work with many upcoming businesses to help them improve their internet security and each time I start a job I always asked about what benefits a company will get for their investment. My last customer was a guy called Bharat Bhise HNA and he asked the very same questions. My response is often the same and so today I want to speak particularly about Bharat and his business, and the peace of mind which he now has. Cyber security is of utmost importance and here are some of the benefits which we were able to provide for Bharat and his small business.


The reason why we work so hard to implement smart security measures for companies like that of Bharat is so that they are prepared for any kind of cyber attack. When this happens the entire system of a company will have been breached and hackers can get their hands on all kinds of sensitive data. A hack could result in client details being passed around and sold on, business plans being revealed and even damage to the software itself, rendering a business unable to work properly.


The reality is that cyber attacks are not going away and with each new advancement in how we store and use data such as through mobile devices and the cloud, it opens us up more than ever to attacks. Businesses don’t have a choice with this anymore and much like they would lock a door, install a camera and place security alarms, our computer systems must be locked down too.


Bharat was very proud of the reputation which he had created around his business and so I realized that this would be a great place to start in describing to him why he needed to invest time and money into a high grade security system. If a business is breached by a cyber attack then all of their customer’s sensitive information will be available to them. Now let’s assume that a customer finds out that their details have been taken following a cyber attack, what do you think that this will do to the reputation of a particular business? It will damage it very badly of course and it can be difficult to regain that reputation once it has been lost.


When I spoke to Bharat about the need for investment I made sure to tell him just how much money this will save the company in the long term. Investing in cyber security is like investing in insurance, you may never need it, but you’ll be thankful when you do. A cyber attack can result in loss of time, loss of profits, loss of reputation and it can leave your business in a state which will take some time to recover from.

If your business doesn’t have strong cyber security in place then you should follow in Bharat’s footsteps and invest in high quality security software for your systems.

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