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Rumor Patrol: George Clooney in 'The Birds' Remake?

When was the first time we heard about a remake of Hitchcock's The Birds? It was at least two years ago, I think, but as far as we know the remake hasn't begun production and is still very much in the dartboard stage. Naomi Watts has been linked to the famed Tippi Hedren role for some time, and I have no doubt she'll make the film after her pregnancy.

The trouble with that is the release date for The Birds is still listed as July 3rd, 2009 on imdb. That won't happen, and they should really update that info. Naomi's second child is due in December, and the role is physically demanding enough that she's not going to shoot it anytime between now and then, and one would expect, for at least two months or so after that. So unless they go with a different actress because they're so committed to July 2009, it just can't happen. Watts wouldn't even be able to film anything until at least mid-February, you'd believe.

And I have a hard time believing Universal wants to release a film on the July 4th weekend that was shooting at most four months earlier. That doesn't give them a lot of time for post-production, test screenings, marketing and all the rest.

But there's a new Birds rumor coming from an original Birds cast member: Rod Taylor, who played the male lead Mitch Brenner in the film, tells The Daily Express, "I often cringe when I hear mention of remakes but I'll hold judgment, especially since I've been told Clooney's the favourite."

Now, of course, this is the first we've heard of George Clooney being involved, or even being mentioned as a possibility. Shock Till You Drop reached out to co-producer Brad Fuller, who says he's never heard of it, either, so it's probably completely bogus.

And it's the wrong Hitchcock remake for Clooney, anyway. I've banged this drum for years: If you're going to stick him in a Hitchcock remake, it's North by Northwest.


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