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Zack and Miri's Elizabeth Banks in 'The Uninvited'

Suddenly, she is everywhere. Elizabeth Banks has three movies in theaters with a one-month span. There's W., the brand new Zack and Miri Make a Porno, and Role Models, which is due out next week. (If you want to read our reviews, here's W. and here's Zack and Miri.)

We're big fans of Banks around here. She has that girl-next-door thing about her and based on her work in Zack and Miri, The 40-Year-Old Virgin, and Slither, she's game to try just about anything. That's a good quality to have as an actor. One thing we hadn't seen her play is a maniacal villain. We'll get that opportunity in January when Banks appears in The Uninvited. Banks says she based her character on Rebecca DeMornay in The Hand That Rocks the Cradle, which is a good place to start.

Here's a clip featuring Emily Browning and the surprisingly sinister Elizabeth Banks:

Clip courtesy of MTV Movies Blog

The Uninvited also stars David Strathairn and will be in theaters on January 30th.


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