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Tim Robbins Rumored for 'Iron Man 2'

Jon Favreau directed a movie called Zathura a few years ago. It was pretty good, actually. Tanked, but it was OK. Perhaps he developed a good rapport with Tim Robbins, who played the father in that film, and perhaps, Favreau's heart went out to Robbins for the failure of City of Ember, among the year's biggest flops. Coincidentally, Tim Robbins played the father in that one, too.

He was also a dad in Mystic River, and well, that could've ended more happily.

There are reports swirling that Robbins might join Iron Man 2 as Howard Stark, the father of Tony Stark. Latino Review broke the news, pointing out that even though the character was in the first movie (played by Gerard Sanders), he has a much more important role in round two. There will apparently be a big-time flashback with the elder Stark that helps further set up The Avengers and Captain America. Gee, I wonder what that Captain America flashback could be all about...

As opposed to the moronic rumors about Batman villains, this makes tons of sense. Robbins is a great actor and one who needs a little more box office potency, just like Robert Downey Jr. a couple of years ago. And if he pops up in Iron Man 2 for the purpose suggested, then I fully expect to see him in Captain America, though probably not The Avengers.

Latino Review also revealed that Black Widow and Hawkeye will be featured in the new film. The only reason that bothers me is Marvel's history with overcrowding its films. Perhaps they're smaller roles, also designed to set up The Avengers. But between Iron Man, War Machine, and whatever villain is in the works, I don't know how much room you logically have for more members of the Marvel Universe.

But since you asked, I'd pick Olga Kurylenko for Black Widow. I'm all day with that.


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