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Megan Fox' 'Jennifer's Body' to Debut in September

For a lot of people, the draw for the upcoming horror comedy Jennifer's Body is Megan Fox. Yes, in the Diablo Cody-scripted flick, Fox plays a small-town girl who becomes possessed by a demon and starts feasting on all the boys she goes out with. And they say Meryl Streep gets all the good roles...

To me, the appeal might be Amanda Seyfried, the comely star of Mamma Mia!, who portrays Fox' best friend in Jennifer's Body, and must suck it up and kill her friend to stop the demonized cannibalism. As if that weren't enough, she then has to break out of prison and track down the satanic rock band that started the whole demonic possession in the first place.

Yessir, that sounds pretty stupid.

Maybe it will be campy, and maybe that will be enough. But it's certainly starting with a deficit. We'll find out in September whether or not Jennifer's Body has the goods. Fox will release the film on September 18th, which immediately makes me think it will get some Toronto attention a couple weeks before that.

It's the follow-up to Juno for Cody, and you don't have to think too hard to come to the conclusion that the kind of free press the movie would get at the Toronto Film Festival is exactly the sort of thing the studio wants to use as a springboard for a movie they can't market as aggressively as a tentpole movie.


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