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Play the 'Quarantine' Video Game! Hours of Online Diseased Fun!

It sounds like a video game anyway, so is it any wonder that Quarantine has launched its own first person shooter game? In the film, a reporter (Jennifer Carpenter) is covering a crime scene in an apartment building, only to find that when she tries to leave the building has been quarantined. That means she can't leave because of whatever deadly virus or infection led to the quarantine in the first place.

Good thing she's videotaping the whole experience, otherwise we'd have no record of what really went on after the quarantine. You're asking yourself, "Isn't that more or less the same kind of setup Blair Witch and Cloverfield used?"

Yes, but does Blair Witch have its own game?

Actually, yes, it does, and I was stupid enough to buy it. In fact, there were three Blair Witch games, and the third one, in which we went back to the origin story of the witch, was a hell of a lot more interesting on paper than the second movie, Book of Shadows, which might be the worst sequel ever made not named Son of the Mask.

So, OK, Quarantine is a variation on a theme, but the new game is up now online if you feel like killing some time...and some infected zombie things. The movie will be in theaters on October 10th.

Reader Comments (1)

So you are saying that Book of Shadows and Son of the Mask are both worse than Weekend at Bernie's 2? Wow, that's saying a lot. I'm glad I never saw either of them.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterMRPigg

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