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Must Be the 'Season of the Witch' for Nic Cage

Briefly, it appeared as though Nicolas Cage regretted his post-Oscar losing streak with movies like Captain Corelli's Mandolin and Windtalkers. Oh, let's not forget the dire Snake Eyes and 8mm. Don't even get me started on City of Angels.

But between 2002 and 2006 he made six pretty good to very good films in a row: Adaptation, Matchstick Men, National Treasure, Lord of War, The Weather Man, and World Trade Center. And then, whoa daddy, did the wheels come off. The best movie he's made since then is probably....uh...National Treasure 2. Unless you're a big fan of Wicker Man or Next, that is.

The downward trend will continue, with Cage signing up for the supanatural thrilla Season of the Witch with director Dominic Sena. Sena directed Gone in 60 Seconds, which is probably a misdemeanor, at worst maybe you get some community service. But it's not a felony, really.>p>

Anyway, you know what sounds awful? Putting Nic Cage in the 14th century. Come on: Everybody knows hair plugs weren't invented for another 600 years. What's Cage doing in the 1300s?

According to Variety, the story is about a bunch of knights (who probably do not say 'nee') charged with moving and protecting a girl suspected of being the witch responsible for the Black Plague.

So it's kind of like a Renaissance Faire version of Transporter. With Nic Cage. $11 says when the time comes, critics won't get to see it.


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