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Check Out Some New Clips From Chuck Palahniuk's 'Choke'

I was fortunate enough to check out Choke earlier this week, and as you may know, it's the adaptation of a book by Chuck Palahniuk, who has not seen another of his works hit the big screen since Fight Club. That's nearly impossible to believe, since Fight Club was nine years ago.

Choke stars the obscenely underrated Sam Rockwell as a sex addict who, in order to pay for an expensive nursing facility for his mother, makes extra money by choking on food in restaurants and falling in the laps of the richest diners available. The hope is that they'll feel such a strong connection with the person they saved, that they'll chip in and help him with "emergency dental surgery" or some other excuse he can come up with to con them.

His real job is as a historical interpreter, basically a character at a colonial-themed village. So that's the set-up, more or less. And here are some clips to get you prepared for the frank, bizarre new comedy, which co-stars Kelly Macdonald (who may do some the best American accents ever when you consider her Scottish is so strong you can barely understand her) and the film's director, Clark Gregg, who is in this first scene as Rockwell's angry boss at ColoniaLand or whatever it is.

Next is one of Rockwell's sexual exploits. Having found a woman online who likes rough, anonymous role-playing sex, he meets her for the first time to get all the details.

This clip features Rockwell and Macdonald, who plays a nurse at the facility. Did I mention that Anjelica Huston plays Rockwell's mother? No, I guess I didn't.

Finally, just because, here's a few minutes with Chuck Palahniuk, talking about his characters and his work.

Choke opens on September 26th.

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"Only one way to find out"

Friday, September 5, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterOrinn

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