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Director Talks 'I Am Legend' Prequel

On this, I Am Legend director Francis Lawrence agree: The most intriguing part about the story is to look back on how Robert Neville (Will Smith) became the only man left, or so he thought. A prequel is really the next logical step.

And now Lawrence tells Sci Fi Wire that a script for that prequel is being written, with input from himself, Smith, and producer Akiva Goldsman, who's also an Oscar-winning writer.

"Yeah, if we figure out the story, I'm absolutely involved in the prequel," said Lawrence. "We've had conversations. The three of us, Will and Akiva and I, have sat down and talked, and there's a writer that's working on it right now. So we came up with the bones of a story, and now we're waiting to see a script."

As opposed to some strike-it-rich properties like Twilight, Lawrence believes the prequel doesn't have to go in front of cameras this year or even next year. "It's really just honestly about trying to come up with something really good," he insists. "I think that's the bottom line for all of us. It's not a rush. It's 'Let's just try and make it good and make it right and do what we want to do.'"

I know a lot of people are down on the thought of another Legend movie, and it's usually for one of two reasons. Some people tend to hate things when they become really successful, and this is really successful. Also, purists might point to the original novel and say there's no prequel to that, so how can you justify adding to Richard Matheson's classic story?

Well, Matheson has given his blessing to more chapters, and Lawrence and Smith et al created a unique world the first time around, and seeing what led to that decay, the years between our current civilization and the one in I Am Legend, is not something we're used to seeing. Very seldom do we get a pre-apocalypse. So I say go for it, but focus on getting it done right.


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that's ridiculous for people to be down about a prequel because the novel isn't one because the novel is nothing like the book at all except for the fact that there is something nonhuman living among the last person on Earth, otherwise the book and the movie are 99 percent different, they should go for a prequel for sure which they are

Sunday, December 13, 2009 | Unregistered Commenterkieth

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