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Another Trailer for Awards Favorite 'Precious'

The awards website In Contention keeps a running tally of the projected Oscar front-runners and currently, the Oprah-Tyler Perry production Precious is in the field for seven Academy Awards. All the big ones are represented - Picture, Director, Lead and Supporting Actress, and Screenplay - and this is the movie that picked up audience awards at Sundance and Toronto.

So, it's shaping up well for a big Slumdog-style run for this film, with the official title Precious: Based on the Novel Push by Sapphire, and Lionsgate, I believe, knows what it has here. So expect to see quite a bit about this one around the end of the year.

If you missed the trailer when it first premiered in the months after Sundance, here's another one. It's easy to see why the festival crowds have fallen in love with it; this seems tailor-made for success in that environment.

Trailer courtesy of Trailer Addict

Precious will begin its theatrical run on November 6th. Expect it to pick up speed later that month around the country, however.

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