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Robert Rodriguez Leaves Live-Action 'Jetsons'

Even with the Spy Kids connection, it didn't seem to be a natural fit to have Robert Rodriguez direct a live-action Jetsons, one the dozen or so projects on his to-do list. And it now looks as though Rodriguez has abandoned the adaptation to focus on some of those other films. Pajiba, which also this week broke the news about Peter Berg leaving Dune claims that Rodriguez is out and Warner Bros. is actively looking for a new director.

Back in June, Rodriguez said he wanted to shoot in 2010, a familiar refrain from the guy who still hasn't made Sin City 2. But with the way Predators has been pushed into production and with yet another rumor about that Sin City sequel, Rodrigruez doesn't have time to meet George Jetson. Let's not undersell the lack of an audience for the director's Shorts back in August. That might have changed the studio's trust in his ability to handle a similar project.

Now Warner Bros. reportedly wants Peter Segal (Get Smart) to direct, and that movie is probably the reason why. It's a TV show spin-off that got OK reviews and made a couple hundred million bucks around the world. Now, the studio had higher hopes for it than that, but part of the problem is managing the budget. But if Segal can do with The Jetsons what he did with Get Smart, I think Warner Bros. would take that action.

The script will likely be tailored once (if) Segal signs on, and then there's the casting to consider, so we're still a long way away from this being in theaters.

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Yuk to all things Jetsons ;(

Saturday, October 31, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterHo Hum George

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