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'Halloween 3' News, 'Halloween II' Alternate Ending

Halloween II might have been a slight step up from the 2007 remake, but the trajectory of the series is nevertheless a bit depressing. Rob Zombie is probably on the hook for most of it, since he wrote and directed both films. But he had an unbelievably quick turnaround this last time: They started shooting in April, only a few months after Zombie decided to come back for round two. And it was released in August. There's no margin for error with a scheule like that...and there were a lot of errors in the movie. Bad combo.

The Weinstein Company still made money, though, because the film was made so inexpensively, so it almost immediately announced plans for a third movie in the franchise, not recognizing that the same kind of move doomed Halloween II before it ever got off the ground. Then TWC put it on hold for a few weeks, and it re-emerged as a future project for My Bloody Valentine director Patrick Lussier, which is the best-case scenario.

Now, Bloody Disgusting says that the studio is accepting pitches for a "new angle" for the third Michael Myers movie, and because Lussier and Valentine writer Todd Farmer are busy working on the Nic Cage action pic Drive Angry, they might be out of the loop now. That hasn't been confirmed by the studio, but if Bob Weinstein has sent word out that he wants new story ideas, it could be bad news for Farmer, and that could keep Lussier from coming on board.

And since it's already been announced that the threequel will be in 3-D, you'd like to have the guy who made My Bloody Valentine over just about anyone else working in the horror genre. Yep, it looks like they've sure got this one figured out over at Casa Weinstein.

In other Halloween news, an alternate ending to the second film has made its way online. I'm guessing this is probably from the DVD, but I don't care enough to check. It should be enough that I struggled through the whole video. It's certainly not any better than the one Zombie used, but when a movie barely scrabbles together a beginning or a middle, what do you expect?

Poor Brad Dourif.

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could you give me more about the information.
Tuesday, August 24, 2010 | Unregistered Commenterffxiv gil

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