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Prison Film Unknowingly Cast Real-Life Murderer

Here's a strange, disturbing case of art imitating life: The low-budget film, Felon, starring Val Kilmer and Steven Dorff, was casting extras for prison scenes in Albuquerque in late 2007. One of the men casting director David Córdova hired for the film was Clifton Blooomfield, who has since confessed to murdering five people in four separate crimes, two of which occurred before filming began. He continued his spree a month after working on the movie.

Bloomfield told Córdova when he auditioned that he had appeared in Breaking Bad, a cable series filmed on location in Albuquerque, as well as in the film To Live and Die. "We're expecting actors to come to our casting calls," Córdova told a local news station.

"I'm not expecting the real thing to come through."

Already a convicted felon, Bloomfield was on parole for an armed home invasion he carried out in 2005 when he auditioned for the role, and reprehensibly, around a month after his parole, Bloomfield murdered two senior citizens in their home. Shortly thereafter, the murderer auditioned for a background role in the film, which is now out on DVD.

Bloomfield was arrested again in June 2008 and is serving 195 years on murder charges in the same penitentiary where Felon was filmed.

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