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Guillermo Del Toro Casts Doug Jones in 'Frankenstein'

Several months back, Guillermo del Toro signed some massive decade-long development deal with Universal. So after The Hobbit, he'll have six or seven movies waiting for him. That guy won't have a lot of free time next decade.

One of the many films he's lined up is a new Frankenstein, but we're at least four years from seeing it. Still, del Toro has cast friend and frequent collaborator Doug Jones in the project, presumably as the monster. There are only two roles important enough to even think about them this far in advance, and playing Frankenstein's monster is right up Jones' alley.

The director-producer-writer broke the news during a BBC interview (thanks to Sci Fi Squad), but admits he's in no rush to get Frankenstein in front of cameras. "You have one shot in your lifetime at these things and I don't want to do it the wrong way," he says.

Another one of the hundreds of projects he's developing is another Hollywood classic, Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde, although it's not the one with Keanu Reeves that is currently in development. Del Toro says he won't direct that, only produce it. And with the way his decade is shaping up, he may not have the time to direct a lot of movies, anyway. The Hobbit and Frankenstein should account for his next six years.

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