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Kenneth Branagh Finds Odin for 'Thor'

Brian Blessed has made about 100 movies and TV shows, give or take, but to me, he'll always be Prince Vultan from Flash Gordon. You can't blame me; I was nine years old when it came out and I had never heard a guy that loud in my life. Still haven't, in fact. And it made such an impression on me that anytime I see Blessed in a movie these days, I picture him in little birdman getup, some lost member of the Village People.

Blessed has had a solid career, no doubt, and having worked with Kenneth Branagh a couple of times, it seems natural for Blessed to be cast in the director's Thor. Good role, too, if the word is to be believed: The guy with the planet's biggest voice will play Odin, the Grand Poobah of Norse Gods.

Mythology states that Odin is Thor's pops, so it's a vital role in the story even if Blessed isn't a huge factor in the movie, which is due out in 2011. In the comic, Odin has mad a few appearnces, but it's kind of hard to establish the Norse God deal without including him in the film adaptation.

The pieces really seem to be falling into place at a torrential speed now, with Chris Hemsworth (Thor) and Tom Hiddleston (Thor) announced within a week of each other and now Blessed. Natalie Portman is the most recent name in talks for the female lead, and the movie needs some star power somewhere. Can't say it'll be her, but she's at least the magnitude Branagh should be targeting.

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