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Weekend Recap - 'Inception' Photos, Disney Double Dares Del Toro, Tyler Perry

Although the Toronto Film Festival kind of dominated the movie news landscape - most of it in the form of reviews of highly anticipated fall films - we nevertheless managed to dig up a bunch of other stories you might have missed. And now that you're emerging from an NFL- induced coma, it's time to catch up.

In addition to new pics from the set of Christopher Nolan's Inception, there's what I believe is a completely fake but still well-done poster for The Dark Knight Returns. We don't know if that's even the title, which helps fuel my doubt.

Also, there's news on Spidey 4 from Bruce Campbell and a surprising entry among the leaders of the worldwide box office charts.

DiCaprio and Gordon-Levitt on the set of Inception

Guillermo del Toro and Disney team up to form new animation production label

The top three all-timer earners in foreign countries: Titanic, Return of the King, and...Ice Age 3?

Megan Fox vs. Michael Bay adds another element

Bruce Campbell says he has a bigger role in Spider-Man 4

This poster for the next Batman movie can't be real

Tyler Perry obliterates competition at weekend box office

And from other fine online destinations...

Is Antichrist an "instant classic"? (Movieline)

Eva Green gets The Last Word with Ewan McGregor (Screen Daily)

Timothy Dalton joins Toy Story 3 (Empire)

Drew Barrymore and Ellen Page lock lips for Marie Claire (Some gossipy thing)

Robert Duvall jumping to the top of the Best Actor race? (In Contention)

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