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David Cronenberg Visits His Past, Remaking 'The Fly'

David Cronenberg is rebooting The Fly. The news comes less than six months after the director's Videodrome was also approved for a remake at Universal, though he's not involved in that one.

For years and years, while most moviegoers were ignoring some of his most bizarre work, Cronenberg steadfastly rejected the notion of taking another look at the world of Seth Brundle, but I think in general he has warmed up to the notion of being a more commercially available filmmaker than at any point since, well, The Fly.

He's working with big movie stars and no longer makes his movies without people paying attention to what he's doing. That's evidenced by his upcoming The Matarese Circle with Tom Cruise and Denzel Washington, which will cash in on Robert Ludlumania.

Then again, Cronenberg still manages to make these films very much his own, so perhaps he's seen something in the original story that fits who is as a filmmaker today or some such blah blah blah. I will say, in defense of the self-remake, who would you rather have directing this inevitable update?

The Hollywood Reporter has no additional details about when this might get off the ground or who might be the new Jeff Goldblum, although that's going to be a fun thing to speculate.

Reader Comments (2)

I could of gone the rest of my life without needing to see the gag-reflex worthy shots of the fly.
I asked for to much, Bigpicture had to put in the photo, and not after the break, before it so it was unavoidable.

Thursday, September 24, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterOrinn

Hello, Hollywood? Anyone with an original thought left down there? Remake after reboot after remake.... Come on people. Give us something interesting that HAS NOT BEEN DONE TO DEATH ALREADY. Yes, we know: Teleporters are Evil. Something new, original, exciting, interesting. Not yet another rehash of old crappy movies. Could have done without the remake of Tron, remake of The Fly, and I heard that someone wanted to remake Barbarella?!?!?! How about buying the rights to Honor Harrington? The Saga of the Seven Suns? Uplift Wars? Xeelee books? Heck, at this point, I'd go see a movie based on The Culture from Iain Banks or Revelation Space from Alistair Reynolds. The Dark Beyond the Stars, Ship of Fools, Rocheworld novels, Murasaki, Songs from Distant Earth, maybe even Clive Cussler novel.

Thursday, September 24, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterFort

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