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Sam Raimi Producing Yeti Movie 'Refuge'

I wish more people would have seen Drag Me to Hell, but with it coming out on DVD on October 13th, there's a real opportunity to find a young audience because of potential Halloween viewing.

The reason I wanted more people to see it is because it confirms not just that Spider-Man 3 was the exception for Sam Raimi rather than the rule but also that he still has a good eye for the horror genre. Now as a producers, he'll have a chance to prove that yet again.

British director Corin Hardy has convinced Raimi to back a Yeti horror flick called Refuge. Think 30 Days of Night...with lots of Bigfoot. Or Bigfoots. Or Bigfeets. The script comes from Tom De Ville, and without knowing his entire history, I'm going to guess that he has not drawn this story from personal experience.

Raimi's Ghost House Pictures is exploring a lot of DVD projects at the moment - one of them being a sequel to the previously referenced 30 Days of Night - but I really admire that the company has stayed true to those horror movie roots, even if it has a decidedly low record of success.

Hardy has some music video experience, but this would be his first feature. Abd where better to look for support if you're a rookie horror movie director than the guy who made The Evil Dead?

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Its nice to see a good horror movie coming out that has a PROBABLY real monster instead of all these vampire flicks.

Friday, September 25, 2009 | Unregistered Commenterjtm

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