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Pixar, Marvel to Team Up for 'Ant-Man'?

I've been wondering for years how Marvel planned to make an Ant-Man movie. It just doesn't seem like a very practical notion what with him being the size of an ant and all.

Well, here's one way it could happen: Ant-Man could become the first Pixar-Disney-Marvel collaboration. Entertainment Weekly (via Cinema Blend) wrote last week that "Pixar is said to already be eyeballing an Ant-Man movie," but doesn't back it up with anything. We do know that Marvel and Pixar have already spoken about projects, and this would certainly line up better than most of them.

Ant-Man is extra problematic as a standalone film (there has been talk that the character would wind up in The Avengers) because in addition to being not a terribly popular character, he's not even all that powerful. Sure, Marvel has overcome the lack of external popularity with Iron Man, but even on Marvel's own PowerGrid, Ant-Man's highest rankings are four out of seven. And most of them are a two out of seven.

So because of his puny size and relative unfamiliarity, it makes more sense for this to be an experimental project that Pixar can come into focused on a lower-than-usual budget. If it works, great, but if not, you don't lose a lot because this is not a character you can really build much of a movie franchise around.

Of course, having said that, Ant-Man would give Tom Cruise a shot at a Marvel movie, so maybe that's an option, too.

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Ant-man - sounds interesting. Children, especially boys will love this animation. Hope they will make it soon. Clenbuterol

Thursday, April 29, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterAnavar

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