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Ben Foster Added to 'Contraband' Cast

It seems like the other day when we were talking about how much a good actor like Ben Foster could impact a rather ordinary looking Jason Statham hitman movie called The Mechanic.  Turns out Foster will have opportunity to do the same again, as he's just signed on to star opposite Mark Wahlberg and Kate Beckinsale in Contraband, according to 

Contraband is the English language remake of a popular 2008 Icelandic film called Reykjavik-Rotterdam.  The new installment will be directed by Baltasar Kormakur , who starred in, produced and co-wrote the original version.

Wahlberg will star as a former smuggler trying to go straight working as a night security guard.  When his wife's brother (who got him the job) botches a smuggling run and his life is threatened, the night guard (Wahlberg) is dragged in for one more job.

Foster will play the right hand man and best friend, who must help Wahlberg's character pull off the dangerous final job.  He will also play the sidekick/apprentice in The Mechanic and has roles in the dramas Here, Rampart and Yellow.  He'll be the leading man in both Here and Yellow.

It's refreshing to see Foster get more leading roles.  He's had some really underrated performances, especially in The Messenger and Pandorum, which were two movies I'd heard almost nothing about prior to seeing them.  Luckily, his newest movies should generate more publicity. 

Movie goers will get plenty of chances to see Foster on the big screen in the new year, starting with The Mechanic, which comes out on January 28 2011.  



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