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Javier Bardem and Viggo Mortensen Top Choices for Gunslinger in 'The Dark Tower'?

The planned start date for the Ron Howard/Akiva Goldsman adaptation of Stephen King's The Dark Tower is still a ways out.  But, with the amount of prep needed to pull off a truly epic filmmaking endeavor like this, they need to get rolling ASAP.

The first film is truly in the earliest stages of preproduction right now, so information is scarce.  That being said, thanks to a Ron Howard interview with the LA Times and now a story in the New York Post, a few pretty interesting tidbits have been coming out.

Hit the jump to hear the plans for this event of a film series and what we know about casting thus far.

After the LA Times interview in which Ron Howard said fan favorite Viggo Mortensen was most definitely in the running to land the coveted Gunslinger role (although in the interview he didn't rule out any actor mentioned), a New York Post article came out yesterday stating Javier Bardem was currently the top choice with Mortensen "a close second."  This far out of production though, you have to think that any name in discussion is still just on the wishlist.  And, I would really be surprised to see either one of these actors in the lead role.  Here's why:

The current plan for The Dark Tower is to start with one "epic movie" in which Howard is signed on to direct, then have one season of a television series continue the story to a second film, followed by a second season of the television series which leads to the third and final film.  This is where things get tricky, the filmmakers want to keep the cast intact throughout each film and TV series.  So any cast member is looking at almost a decade of work here.  Even with the "wiggle room" the report says the lead will have in the production schedule, it's hard to believe either of these actors that dedicate themselves so fully to their roles would sign up for something so time consuming.

I really hope I'm wrong here, and Howard and co. can land either one of these guys.  Because, not only are they great actors, from hearing people who have read the series talk about this role it is definitely one either of them could make iconic.  I've never read The Dark Tower series myself, but it's always been one that I've been meaning to get around to (I know, everyone says that, but I really mean it).  With a May 2013 release date for the first film, hopefully I can get around to it by then.

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