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Pee Wee Proved False: Burton is Not Planning 'Nightmare 2'

So there was this crazy rumor, started by former Tim Burton collaborator Paul Reubens, also known as Pee Wee Herman, who gave an interview while he was promoting his Broadway production of “The Pee Wee Herman Show.”  

We'll miss you, Jack.

Reubens mentioned how he’d love to work with Burton again, and hinted that one of the reasons the director’s too busy for him is that he was in the process of developing a second installment for the Nightmare Before Christmas series.

As awesome as that might have been, Burton’s production execs have now outed it as false, which is simultaneously disappointing and a bit of a relief. Here’s why: 

It’s disappointing because of the lack of truly original work we’ve seen from Burton in the past few years; the last film he directed that was based on his own original concepts was 2005’s Corpse Bride, which in itself was a visual throwback to 1993‘s Nightmare Before Christmas, though Burton didn’t direct the earlier film.  It’d be quite nice to see something new from the Burton camp, even if it’s a sequel, instead of the remakes and re-imaginings he’s been doing lately, most of which have been a bit lacking.  We are getting a feature-length version of Frankenweenie in 2012, however, and that takes care of both Nightmare imagery and Burton originality in one shot.

The rumor’s debunking is really a relief though, because a second film would clearly be just a way to make some quick cash from the folks at Disney.  And they really don’t need it, what with Tron: Legacy and Toy Story 3 this year alone, and the new Muppets film and the fourth Pirates of the Caribbean coming out next year, amongst others (they’re also putting out Frankenweenie, to boot.)  Putting out another Nightmare Before Christmas at this point would seem redundant, and even a bit insulting to Burton purists.

"Tell 'em Large Marge sent ya."

So it was a crazy rumor, and it turned out to be just that: a rumor.   Of the many rumors about literally everything out there nowadays, though, this is one that a lot of people will probably be glad isn’t true.  Hopefully nobody thinks less of Paul Reubens for starting the mill on this one; I hear his Broadway comeback is something very much worth seeing.

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