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Mel Brooks Writing a 'Blazing Saddles' Musical

I never understood why Mel Brooks jumped from The Producers to Young Frankenstein. It just seemed like a tougher story to adapt into a musical comedy. So I'm glad to see that, better late than never, he's writing songs for a Blazing Saddles Broadway show.

Here's a fun fact: Young Frankenstein and Blazing Saddles were released in the same year. Both made the top 13 of AFI list of the 100 best comedies (as did The Producers), with Saddles released in February 1974 and Frankenstein in December.

In addition to Blazing Saddles becoming only the tenth film to gross over $100 million, both movies earned a few Oscar nominations, with Frankenstein's screenplay and Madeline Kahn's work as the Teutonic Titwillow Lili Von Shtüpp in Blazing Saddles standing out as the most significant nominees.

There are a few films that rotate for me as the top comedy ever, and Blazing Saddles is up there with Airplane!, Spinal Tap, and a couple others. As dated as the humor is, you could just not get away with making that movie now. I wonder how many epithets will remain in the musical's libretto.

When you think about it, there are songs already in Saddles - the theme song and "The French Mistake" - so that kind of makes Brooks' job a little easier. And if all goes well, maybe we'll get a shitty movie version of the stage musical version of the original movie! And I think we should just go ahead and give Nathan Lane the role of Hedy Lamar.

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